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When you implement VibroAcoustic Therapy (VAT), make sure it’s the authentic and the original.


Some companies use the term VibroAcoustic Therapy, yet add music to low sound frequencies and stream them to the body. This is called VAM - VibroAcoustic Therapy Music.



The logo above, approved by two strategic business partners: Toril Værnes Trøen from Multivib and Avigail Berg-Panitz from TheSoundWell,  assures you will be using the original, revolutionary, one of a kind,  harmonic low sound frequencies compositions,  created by the inventor Olav Skille from Nordic Countries (Norway, Finland) .


Together with us, you will be trained how to implement harmonic low sound frequencies as integrated wellness  platform that is felt as  inner body massage,  and vibrate every organ, tissue and cell, calibrate mental and physical systems, and optimizes the usage of vitality.


We transform the perception of mechanical Newtonian  vibrations to harmonic quantum  sonic sensation.


With our original VibroAcoustic Therapy solutions, we facilitate inner  silence, balance  and peace of BodyMind.


We are sorry to inform that Olav Skille passed away. Here is a personal memorial page.


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