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How to become a regional or proffesional business associate and expand your business with The Sound Well


Vibroacoustic Therapy is a holistic and intergative wellness therapy invented 30 years ago in Nordic countries by Olav Skille.

You sense deep tissue inner body massage, while a single, low sound frequency in the range of 30 Hz -120 Hz, is transmitted into a special mat (or recliner, or a massage table) through transducers (low sound speakers) that are embedded in it.

As you lie down on the mat for 23 minutes, you feel harmonic waves – “rinsing every organ, tissue, and cell and hugging you from within.”

After the session, you perceive less stress, fatigue, insomnia, or anxiety, and feel recharged vitality, serenity & deep peace, attentive mind and positive attitude.

People, therapists, academic researchers, and applied researchers in the past 30 years, have reported the benefits of VATTING:
-Pain reduction/elimination
-Increase Attentiveness

-Stress reduction/elimination
-Muscle relief
-An added tool to minimize bad habits and replace them with better habits(obesity, anger, addiction )
-Insomnia reduction/elimination
-Recharging vitality and energies.
-Improve performance (for students, proffesional sport people and anybody who wants to optimize his/her performance)

-Enables creating inner conditions for hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and deep meditation.

-Increases calmness & clarity of the mind

- Anxiety reduction/elimination

- Light depression relief

Vibroacoustic Therapy is an independent therapy or can be an added value therapy to physicians, chiropractors, physical, psychotherapist, consultants and,  alternative modalities. In addition, after training, it can be applied as effective wellness preventive and balancing self-help tool.

Vibroacoustic therapy not only reduces pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety, while boosting vitality. It minimizes the overwhelmed “spaghetti mind” and may convert the usage of energy from "sustaining chaotic mental patterns" to creativity, healthy and beneficial habits of wellbeing.


1. People and families with chronic diseases and disabilities **** - Vibroacoustic therapy does not replace medical treatment, don’t stop using medication without your medical doctor’s advice.****
2. Regular families that want to implement preventive wellness lifestyle for the benefit of all family members.
3. Businesses who want to add Vibroacoustic therapy as a preventive wellness tool to reduce stress and recharge vitality.
4. Spas, Sports, recreation centers, yoga centers, beauty salons and wellness centers.
5. Nursing homes, rehab centers, hospices – The whole spectrum of therapists (physical, chiropractors, integrative MDs, psychotherapists, CAM)

6. Students/counselors in schools and colleges.

7. Long trucks drivers who drive long hours.

7. Vets /trainers /owners of pets and horses





We train certified therapists, physicians, chiropractors, coaches, and consultants. We also train family members that purchase a VAT wellness system to help increase life quality to people with chronic diseases or disabilities. In such cases, a professional therapist, chiropractor, or physician who regularly treats these people, should be involved and learn about VATTING.

The training is applied as one on one, or as group training, if you are located in S Florida. Otherwise, it will take place over Skype or Google hangout for individuals or groups.

The basic training for therapists,for MDs, Chiropractors, coaches, and consultants, include 7 sessions of 45 minutes + 7 sessions of 45 minutes – as homework for self-experience with our frequencies.

The certificate you get from us after finalizing the basic training and its applied sessions, is for Guidance of Usage of Vibroacoustic Therapy as an integrative holistic wellness modality.



Our regional/proffesional business associates are clinics / wellness centers owners or  complementary wellness businesses that, integrate VAT as part of their modalities and offers VAT treatments and applications as an added line of services to their clients. They also sell/rent VATTING SYSTEMS to colleagues or people who do not compete with their line of business.


Stages to become a Regional/professional  Business Associate:

  • The first step is to purchase a VAT system, and an app of therapist 7 frequencies kit + training. If you own a sound table, we will request that you purchase our frequencies and training. The training includes 7 sessions of 45 minutes over Skype and  at least 7 X 45 minute “homework missions”


  • We will train you a free business development and sales seminar of VAT

    • You will add our logo to your website. As regional associate, we will provide you with marketing material and guide you how to sale to private clients and business clients.

  • Your commission will be as follows: 10% for referral (if a deal is made), 15% for mutual efforts, 20% if you close the deal independently.  Alternatively, you will buy from us the whole system in a discounted prices and add to it your price for your end users. Together we will define which is your region or proffesional segment you want to sell Vibroacoustic Therapy systems.



  • If you decide to have someone working for you in sales, – it is up to you and the other person to decide the division of percentage within the 20%. The SoundWell Corp. should approve this person.


  • All the material you get from us is The SoundWell Corp’s copyrights and no copying, or giving away material or frequencies, are allowed, without our permission.




1. Vibroacoustic Therapy VATMAT + 7 sessions of Training + 2 apps codes for the 7 frequencies - $2650 - specifications


2.  Massage Table  with two built in transducers and amplifier with 7 sessions Training + 2 apps codes for the 7 frequencies - $1330 - specifications


3. UnWindMe - portable mat $1330 + amplifier, 7 sessions training  + 2 apps for codes to download 7 frequencies.



Kind regards

Avigail Berg-Panitz, founder and CEO of TheSoundWell corp. 561-277-8282, +1-914-433-2849, skype - bergavigail


Contact Us to learn more details of how to become a regional /proffesional business associate and expand you business.

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