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Adopt and apply SilentSoundSpace in your bedroom, living-room and your workplace

Eyes Closed
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Awareness, consciousness and mindfulness, all have to do with attentiveness to the dialogue between external conditions and internal conditions of wellness-health-wellbeing.

If you read the above sentence more than once, you will realize that there is a lot to unpack. 

Today let’s focus on the impact of sound in our lives.

Unlike the eyes which we can shut, ears are always open. Some of the inputs are harmonic sound waves, while others, are considered to be noise (high decibels and non-harmonic tones). Though we can use earplugs or stream music to cope with noise, the most optimized external environment while we recharge energy and balance inner systems, is to experience silence.  That is why sleep is so essential to our health.  It it connected with creating an environment of silence.

Studies show that silence and taking a nap, are essential to our sanity and mind clarity*


Think of your daily activities, from the minute we wake up, we are overwhelmed with missions at home and at work. Sound is usually a natural component of our activities.


What if we could have a SilentSoundSpace to recharge vitality and reduce stress on demand, to pause, breathe deeply, and bring inner peace to our beings?

What is a SilentSoundSpace?

-          A room with no noise in which we can disconnect from the world, experience inner body massage to calibrate, harmonize and balance our inner systems, breathe deeply, and let go of thoughts, emotions and sensations that form noise in us and suck  energy flow.

A SPA may function as a SilentSoundSpace. In a SPA you get a massage. The massage therapist presses  and stretches  deep tissues muscles. S/he releases stuck energy and helps blood flow. You listen to the ambient sounds of nature, and feel deep serenity. Yet, how  often do you go to a massage session during the week ?


Vibroacoustic Therapy is an inner body massage with harmonic low sound frequencies.

A vibroacoustic therapy equipment – mats, tables, recliners, sound bath weighted blankets, vibrating bean bags, all include low sound frequencies transducers (speakers) which convert the frequencies into vibrations and are felt in every organ, tissue and cell.


You stream the low sound frequencies from a mobile device (tablet / phone) to an amplifier and to the equipment. Because we are 60% water, and sound travels through water better then air, vibroacoustic therapy acts as meditation to the cells and in fact – inner body massage to every organ , tissue and cell.

You can redesign your bedroom and living room and turn them into a temple of tranquility.











Next time you enter your living room and bedroom, think creatively of the components that would generate an atmosphere of peace and serenity in you and around you.

Even if the living room serves as the gathering public space for all family members, part of the time, it can act as a SilentSoundSpace. You can stream a YouTube nature soft music from your TV and enjoy a vibroacoustic therapy session as you lie on a recliner or a special mat placed on a sofa.



Explore what are the feature that would add to the sensation of peace of  bodymind in your bedroom:

- Light

- Air circulation and temperature

- Colors and pictures

- Mattress. Sheet and blankets

- Vibroacoustic therapy mat or sound bath weighted blanket


Creating SilentSoundSpace in the workplace, rehab, nursing home and schools.

Life until it ends, can be viewed as a wave of activities and non-activities, doing and non-doing, awakening and sleeping.  A good quality of sleep is essential to our health. A good nap in mid-day, optimizes the usage of energies for the rest of the day.


More and more workplaces provide time and space for meditation and rest for their employees. They realize that when employees take a break and experience peace of bodymind, they recharge vitality and their productivity, performance and motivation at work, grow.  

Special needs education and nursing homes which run sensory rooms – could also add a SilentSoundSpace to balance, attune and expand perception.

Vibroacoustic therapy generates a SilentSoundSpace in you

Generating an atmosphere of calmness in the environment we stay most of our day, is important, yet sometimes our negative thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and imagination keep us in “stormy weather “even if the atmosphere around us is peaceful. That is why Vibroacoustic therapy is such an essential component of the external SilentSoundSpace.

In a Vibroacoustic therapy, not only we receive a soothing sensation of inner body massage, but it resets & reboots - our minds.

Empty minds – even for a few moments – recharge us with vitality, and act as Calmness on Demand.

* learn more about the benefits of having a SilentSoundSpace


Contact us to learn how to design your SilentSoundSpace in your bedroom, living room, sensory room, nursing home, and workplace.


Research and studies about vibroacoustic therapy

Check our new website with new types of equipment for workplaces, rehabs  and special need schools -

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