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Let's End The Stress Mess

Happy Family

Let’s face it, we see our children less and less.   From day care to college, we have our own limitations and missions and as they grow up, they have their own programs at school and afternoon activities.

At nights, during the week, how often do you have a family dinner in which all family members participate and have harmonic interaction and conversation about what’s going on in their lives?

Yes, I know about parents’ instincts, yet, honestly, how many times were you surprised by your children’s behavior? And even more, his/her physical, emotional, and mental state of being?

Very often, only when things get out of control, at school or with friends, do we learn about the outcome and aftermath of a drama in their lives. Many parents are shocked to learn that their children have become addicted to drugs and alcohol because of social pressure or psychological escape from stress and conflicts.


The impact of stress

Stress is physical, emotional, and mental.  Each dimension fuels the others. It doesn’t matter if things are “only in their heads''.  For them, it’s a real reality: a low grade, a nasty insult by a friend (directly or online), a test or non-formal competition among friends.  Children and even teens don’t say'' I'm stressed. On many occasions they are not aware of the (FFF) fight, flight or freeze response  of  copying and reacting to a  “threatening situation”.

Though we cannot hold our children’s hands continuously… and as they grow, we need to respect their privacy and rely on their judgment. We can still offer them self- help tools to reduce stress daily, such as Vibroacoustic Therapy.

What is Vibroacoustic Therapy

Sonic ergonomic equipment such as a special mat, pillow, sonic pet or sound-bath-weighted blanket, includes built-in speakers. You lie on whole body equipment or hug a pet, or lie under a blanket, and stream a single low sound frequency from your mobile device.

You feel sonic waves rinsing your body from within.

After 23 minutes, you sense that your body is calmer and your mind is clearer.

Vibroacoustic therapy is a wellness sound healing modality and is considered as part of music therapy.

It can be used as a self-help tool.

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The benefits of Vibro-acoustic

Though there are several ways to reduce stress, such as yoga, meditation, and sports, they all demand some effort.

Think of yourself as an adult - when you are so overwhelmed, how attentive can you be?

The beauty of vibroacoustic therapy is the soothing and gentle sensations of feeling the harmonic vibrations as if they are hugging you from within.

After a few moments you sink into serenity and deep calmness.

Vibroacoustic therapy is easy to use and effortless. Children of all ages can enjoy doing this, daily. 

TheSoundWell invites you to explore our sonic ergonomic solutions to reduce all family members' stress

Hello, we at TheSoundWell manufacture the original vibroacoustic therapy invented by Olav Skille (Norway/Finland)

Skille personally trained me and we are here to introduce you to the Nordic Sonic Wellness Platform.

You are welcome to visit our shop and enjoy our wholesale coupon "wholesale" which activates a discount of 20% of the price. 

be well,



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