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Relieve pain with Vibroacoustic Therapy Solutions

Vibroacoustics is a relatively new sound technology that uses vibrations and frequencies in order to reduce different kinds of symptoms of the body.

Pain, tension, fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety – These are some of the symptoms and conditions that are frequently present in an individual. These are results from overworking and over thinking of problems by an employee, while over-fatigue can be usually experienced by those active in sports. Our daily life is overloaded with information and it brings pain, tension, fatigue, stress, depression, and anxiety. In this blog, we will be discussing how sound therapy can help reduce and relieve the feeling of pain.

Low harmonic frequencies – No sound

The process of sound therapy uses low harmonic frequencies within the range of a person’s hearing and transfers the vibrations throughout the body. The ticklish feeling that gently massages the body lets you experience a relaxing sensation that helps slowly reduce the feeling of pain.

Vibroacoustic therapy is considered a natural pain killer, an organic process of helping an individual to feel better by reducing or removing the current levels of pain that is present. Its positive effect is more effective over large areas of the body. Depending on the areas where the pain is experienced, the amount of vibration output may differ.

Continuous Innovation

In the process of applying the therapy, a patient will simply lean or sit back on the vibroacoustic equipment and feel the vibrations of the sound/frequencies all throughout the body.

Though it may seem that it is viable to apply the vibroacoustic procedures, depending on the person who will undergo the therapy session, there are still variables that need to be considered like frequency, pre conditions and health history, and methodologies to achieve optimum results.

There are still plenty of innovative ways to unfold its many capabilities and these are currently the benefits of its application. The beauty of it is that it naturally heals the symptoms and helps provide clarity to both the mind and the body.

It is also convenient since the sessions can be applied at home, at school, also in establishments such as hospitals and corporate offices. Know more about the implementation of vibroacoustic therapy procedures today!

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