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Vibroacoustic therapy is an integrative wellness modality that may help in treating PTSD.

What is PTSD- Post traumatic stress disorder:

What is Vibroacoustic therapy :

Originally, invented by Olav Skille(Norway, Finland), low sound frequency platform (such as a special- mat, pillow, massage table, recliner ) which include embedded transducers (low sound speakers) , amplifier, and harmonic low sound frequencies in the range of 30hz-120hz

The process:

  • you /your patient /your client /family member lies on the mat, you select a single harmonic low sound frequency.

  • The frequency it transmitted from your storage device (computer, smart phone, dvd player) to an amplifier that transmits the low sound to the mat (or other platforms mentioned above).

  • The transducers convert the harmonic low sound frequency to gentle vibrations, which are felt as tender inner body massage. Most people experience vibroacoustic therapy, as soothing waves “rinsing and hugging” them from within” . They feel /sense significant relaxation of deep tissues and inner peace of mind.

The outcome: less pain, stress, insomnia, or anxiety and boost of vitality. Vibroacoustic therapy minimizes the overwhelmed mind of chaotic imaginative scenarios and negative streams of thoughts, emotions, sensations, imagination, and memories.

Vibroacoustic therapy is a generic therapeutic modality and a self- help tool which require basic guidance/training to achieve optimized usage.

Why incorporate Vibroacoustic therapy with PTSD treatment:

  • Very effective to reduce stress in preventive, acute and chronic conditions

  • Helps reaching deep meditation, self-hypnosis and harmony.

  • Balance body and mind systems and helps grounding

Disclaimer: Vibroacoustic therapy is a integrative wellness platform. Anybody who suffers from PTSD should be diagnosed and treated by medical doctors and certified therapists.

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