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Press Release: TheSoundWell Vibro-Therapy announces: Multifunctional SoundBath Bag / Blanket

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Palm Beach Gardens — February 4

Today at the company headquarters, TheSoudnWell Vibro-Therapy announced immediate availability of Multifunctional Sound-Bath Bag / Blanket, enabling b2c customers and b2b wholesale partners to add a gentle, yet powerful experience of sensing deep serenity in emotional, mental and physical systems.

“Our patent pending Multifunctional Sound-Bath Bag /Blanket will enable children, teens, adults and elderly people, including children and grownup people with chronic diseases and special needs, to end the stress mess and reduce pain, insomnia and anxiety in a gentle and effortless way, daily. The SoundBath Bag /Blanket acts as a weighted blanket as well. ,” says Avigail Berg-Panitz, CEO atTheSoudnWell Vibro-Therapy.

Positive Customer Impact

This is an important new added value product to the great vibroacoustic therapy arsenal equipment of the TheSoundWell Vibro-therapy. The option to change a weighted sonic blanket into a sound bath bag – like a sleeping bag, adds gentle power experience to sink into serenity, feel protected and have great meditation to the cells with no efforts”, says Cathy – a music therapist who suffers from chronic pain as well.

Multifunctional Sound-Bath Bag / Blanket will enable Spas, Fitness Centers, Rehab institutions, and Therapeutic clinics to facilitating “reset-reboot-recharge” before, during and after a therapeutic session.

In this introduction presentation you can realize the benefits of Multifunctional Sound Bath Bag /Blanket. In this short video you will see a testimonial of user experience of a a young girl.

Multifunctional Sound-Bath Bag / Blanket is available for licensing as well.

The company collaborate with Invention Home to license the product with large retail corporations.


About TheSoundWell Vibro-Therapy

TheSoundWell Vibro-Therapy manufactures the original vibroacoustic therapy invented by Olav Skille from Norway/Finland. Skille trained Avigail Berg-Panitz how to manufacture mats and pillows and how to utilize his low sound frequencies compositions to balance inner systems and reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety. Company’s websites:

For more information :

Avigail Berg-Panitz

+1 914-433-2849

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