Therapy lounch 4 Spa - Clinic / business chair

Therapy lounch 4 Spa - Clinic / business chair

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Therapy Lounge

Affordable lounge ergonomically designed to the semi "Trendelenburg" position to maximize the therapeutic effect of having your legs higher than your heart. Somatron patented “Transpeakers”™ are placed in the back and leg section to produce the maximum therapeutic benefit! Built Somatron durable to give lasting performance at a reasonable price. Easily connects to any stereo system (not included) with 10 to 100 watts of power.

Outstanding Features

No frames to loosen
No hard surfaces
No corners to wear
Useful For

Stress reduction
Calming restless behavior
Physical and auditory stimulation
Tuning the body vibrational energy system
Making the mind-body connection
Recreational Therapy
Occupational therapy
Music therapy
  • Details

    Vibroacoustics: Two Patented Somatron “Transpeakers”™
    Power Capacity: Connect to any stereo rated 10 to 100 total watts of power
    Fuse Protection: Two 2 amp fuses are used to fully protect the speakers
    Dimensions: Height: 42” Width: 26” Length: 72”
    Weight: 110 lbs.
    Upholstery: Superior grade of soft leather-like vinyl
    Color: Stock colors: India Ink (Black); South Pacific (Blue); Amethyst Purple; Peacock Green; Geranium Red; Sand Dune (Tan); Moonscape (Light Gray); and White - see Color Chart for additional colors available. If no color choice is selected, Somatron will use colors as pictured.
    Shipping: Shipped truck transport; Carton size: 57” x 36” x 43” Shipping Weight 175 lbs.
    Warranty: One year on materials and workmanship
    Includes: Instructions and 20’ length of cable

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