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“I purchased a vibromat from yourselves shortly before I contracted Covid which developed into Long Covid with the brain fogging and fatigue. I used the setting for headaches/migraine twice a day for 23 minutes each time, as you prescribed. After three or four days the fogging was gone. I cannot thank you enough”

PCM Colorado

“I want to thank you for sending the pet for my daughter. She uses it every night going to bed and loves it.”

A mother to a girl with CP

"Hello, I use one of your mats at the start and end of every day to aid my meditation. I have difficulty in stilling my mind but as I focus on the feeling of the vibrations my ‘monkey on a chain mind’ goes quiet. Thank you"

Peaceful Dorothy 

"I believe this mat has derailed the inflammation from my lungs. I thought it's really helpful when you feel the attack of bronchitis, after using, it smoothest out and allows a relieving flow of deep breathing in me. It's a blessing." 

Deborah Lee. (Business Owner)

"Hi, I have suffered with a condition that causes a feeling of numbness in my left leg. Previously it has been a matter of just waiting and stretching my back until it is re-leaved. Your company supplied me with a ‘sleeve’ recently and I noticed that one of the settings, the yellow one, was for back pain. Two bursts of low settings for the twenty three minute period and all discomfort was gone. Previously the numbness could last for many days. Quite amazing. Thank you so much, my only disappointment is that you did not supply the sleeve fifty years ago."

Nehemiah Green Albany NZ

" I have had a pleasure of experiencing Vibroacoustic Therapy with Avigail twice. Over the years I have experienced different mind-body healing modalities, including Reiki, massage, and acupuncture and I believe this is one of the most effective methods to bring immediate results. Both times I have been suffering from pain due to injury on my left knee as well as stress. After only 20 min of treatment with Vibroacoustic therapy I felt much better; more relaxed and peaceful and also my pain has subsided. Avigail is a great healer; she is very warm and patient and she makes it a safe and wonderful experience. I highly recommend her work. "

Mateja Petje, MS, LMFT, NLPP

"I'The incorporation of vibroacoustic therapy into my massage practice has widened my client base. In addition to what most people see me for - muscle aches/soreness, stress reduction, injury and limited range of motion, VAT has given me the opportunity to treat people with chronic conditions such as MS, COPD, Migraines, Parkinsons, post-Stroke, and other neurological conditions. VAT helps people manage symptoms, giving them more control of their own healing processes, thereby improving quality of life."

Karina Yanku, LMT New York, NY

"I have been suffering inflammation in my palm and it caused me pain. Since I m using TheSoundWell vibroacoustic pad it helps me reduce stress and pain."

Digna MeJia

“25 years of incorporating Vibroacoustic therapy in her clinic. In addition, read about  case studies from Nordic Countries.”

Dr Riina Raudsik, MD

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