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Testimonials & Case Studies about Vibroacoustic Therapy:

I purchased a vibromat from yourselves shortly before I contracted Covid which developed into Long Covid with the brain fogging and fatigue. I used the setting for headaches/migraine twice a day for 23 minutes each time, as you prescribed. After three or four days the fogging was gone. I cannot thank you enough.

                      PCM Colorado

Hi, I have suffered with a condition that causes a feeling of numbness in my left leg. Previously it has been a matter of just waiting and stretching my back until it is re-leaved. Your company supplied me with a ‘sleeve’ recently and I noticed that one of the settings, the yellow one, was for back pain. Two bursts of low settings for the twenty three minute period and all discomfort was gone. Previously the numbness could last for many days. Quite amazing. Thank you so much, my only disappointment is that you did not supply the sleeve fifty years ago.

Nehemiah Green Albany NZ

Hello, I use one of your mats at the start and end of every day to aid my meditation. I have difficulty in stilling my mind but as I focus on the feeling of the vibrations my ‘monkey on a chain mind’ goes quiet. Thank you

Peaceful Dorothy  

I want to thank you for sending the pet for my daughter. She uses it every night going to bed and loves it.
A mother to a girl with CP

I believe this mat has derailed the inflammation from my lungs. I thought it's really helpful when you feel the attack of bronchitis, after using, it smoothest out and allows a relieving flow of deep breathing in me. It's a blessing. 


Deborah Lee.

Business Owner 

Open House testimonials

Vibroacoustic therapy & healing


I have had the privilege to have Avigail Berg-Panitz share her extraordinary healing energy with me.


In January of this year while visiting my daughter in Mexico City I had a very bad fall. I hit my head hard causing further damage to an existing TBI. It caused my gate to become shaky and unbalanced. My thought process and speech were challenged. The extremely high altitude and the air pollution also set off a sequence of ongoing health issues that went on for six months. Everything from colds, flu, a UTI that lasted 6 weeks, a massive ear infection , vertigo that sent me to the hospital. I was exhausted and frightened. I actually thought that my health and vitality were spiraling downward and that I would just have to accept it.


Avigail’s ability to weaver her gifts of intuition and wisdom works wonders on all three plains of consciousness, mind, body and spirit allowing for profound healing.  


The addition of the Vibroacoustic Therapy mat greatly enhanced the healing process. I would walk into her healing space exhausted, foggy, my gate and balance would be off, and I would have an undercurrent of sadness.


Avigail would have me lay down on the mat and would gently touch me while taking me through a guided meditation that relaxed my body as well as calmed my emotional state. I always felt much better when I left, but what was really amazing is that after about 6-8 sessions all my symptoms were gone. I feel like my old self again healthy and positive for the first time in 6 months.


I highly recommend Avigail and her mat to anyone who wants relieve their pain, regain their vitality and build their life force.  She’s a true healer.



Susan Fabrizio



“The Harmonic pulsing of the purring cat has been a source of comfort and relaxation for my son. He holds it against his chest and it is obviously is a pleasant and relaxing sensation for him.”



B- father to a son with Autism.

harmonic purring cat1.jpg

"Having basically zero understanding with Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT), I entered my first experience unbiased but also weary of how much a difference this highly unconventional treatment would make in me.  Previously, I'd studied Alexander technique and the Feldenkrais method which gave me a good frame work for noticing my body, its individual constituents, and how to appropriate said understanding in my everyday life; however, nothing could have prepared me for my experience with VAT.


"After lying on the vibroacoustic mat filled with sound generators emitting the specific frequency assigned to my particular need, I felt the low frequency sound-waves pulsing through me slowly; however, my mind was full of mental chatter and racing thoughts.  After resigning myself to the chance of a positive experience with the treatment, I decided to give it reverence based on my belief to not judge anything until I know/understand it better.  How glad I am to have applied that principal here!


"After the twenty-three minute session had ended, I could tell my internal organs as well as my joints had been settled, much like rocks settle to their proper place beside each other in a jar after it's been shaken; the VAT testament is of course not jarring nor violent.  My full support of this therapy as integrative or replacement for previous treatment is due to its completely successful results on myself and on those I've known who use it.  Vibroacoustic therapy changes the way we understand sound and its effects on us; furthermore it changes how we see the possibilities of sound as we move forward in time toward an ever rising human pursuit of knowledge.  I remain convinced of the positive accomplishments VAT will bring in anyone's experience, especially with the expert sensitivity of Avigail Berg-Panitz."

~ DAVID ROGERS - Musician & Composer



I'm a 21 years old female with complex conditions : BiPolar and epilepsy.

I met Avigail from TheSoudnWell and she introduced me to  the sensations of harmonic Pulsi Panda.

I really fell in love  with Panda. The vibroPandi relaxes me. She really calms and help me fall asleep.  She reliefs muscle tension and is a great emotional support. I feel attuned with these harmonic vibrations.


I believe the purring pulsing pets can be very helpful to many people with complex conditions.


daisy amazy.jpeg

"Vibroacoustic therapy, absolutely astounding. My first experience was one to remember. I entered the room and immediately felt a calming sensation through my body before I even lay down on the bed. Avigail walked me through the process, helping me feel my body from the inside, to see where I had built up tension. I found a huge knot in my upper back and Avigail chose the best frequency to treat this part of my body, 40Hz . I laid still on the bed as the vibrations resonated with in my body, vibrating my organs from the inside out. After only a couple minutes, I drifted out of conciousness. during the session I drifted in and out a few times. Each time I came back to consciousness, my body was under full paralysis and I acknowledged the consistent vibrations that flowed through my entire body.

Upon completing the session, I my entire body felt more relaxed than it had in months. I felt as if I had awoken from several hours of deep meditation. The knot in my back was completely gone.

After my first experience with VAT, I had completely accepted and incorporated VAT into my mind; I developed a longing for more."


I have been suffering inflammation in my palm and it caused me pain. Since I m using TheSoundWell vibroacoustic pad it helps me reduce stress and pain.
Digna MeJia

" I have had a pleasure of experiencing Vibroacoustic Therapy with Avigail twice. Over the years I have experienced different mind-body healing modalities, including Reiki, massage, and acupuncture and I believe this is one of the most effective methods to bring immediate results. Both times I have been suffering from pain due to injury on my left knee as well as stress. After only 20 min of treatment with Vibroacoustic therapy I felt much better; more relaxed and peaceful and also my pain has subsided. Avigail is a great healer; she is very warm and patient and she makes it a safe and wonderful experience. I highly recommend her work. "

Mateja Petje, MS, LMFT, NLPP



Having experienced the benefits of the VAT mattress myself I am able to fully appreciate the effects of even one 23 minute session. As I have no known health issues, I find the using this mattress quite revealing of some symptoms I obviously carry around with me.


If I start with general shoulder/neck strain due to driving (I do maybe 100km per day at least 5days a week) or even other muscle strain in my lumbar region and recently quadriceps, using the mattress allows my respiration to slow, regularise and relax. Due to the almost immediate effect of relaxing, my whole body reflects the same rhythm and state of relaxation. Not only is this therapeutic but my body’s systems respond to the treatment immediately and their effect is remarkable. Apart from a reduction in “strain” or pain at a low 3 the most visible effect is that this pain evaluation is reduced and measured at zero. As I say, I have no known health issues.


Which frequency is being used depends on my own needs. Usually using 40Hz for the first part 

and then either 52Hz or 68Hz depending on the situation. These two frequencies seem to have a 

complementary effect and the time spent (less than 1 hour) also is beneficial from a point of view of taking stock of my day or week and allowing myself to “take time”. It has also made me aware that vibroacoustic therapy not only is having a positive benefit on my system at the time I receive it but that I now have a need to receive on a regular basis. I have subsequently ordered one!


Margot Chirat.


RGN, OHN, Reflexologist

I'The incorporation of vibroacoustic therapy into my massage practice has widened my client base. In addition to what most people see me for - muscle aches/soreness, stress reduction, injury and limited range of motion, VAT has given me the opportunity to treat people with chronic conditions such as MS, COPD, Migraines, Parkinsons, post-Stroke, and other neurological conditions. VAT helps people manage symptoms, giving them more control of their own healing processes, thereby improving quality of life. -


Karina Yanku, LMT New York, NY

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Vibroacoustic Therapy together with physicial therapy in treating children with CP


Ana Katusic and Vlatka Mejaski-Bosnjak

Zagreb, Croatia


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