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Dear Executive, create a Vibroacoustic Therapy SilentSoundSpace 

A preventive wellness platform  at work to recharge vitality & reduce stress

World dynamic economy uncertainty, bring anxiety, stress and insecurity in workplaces everywhere.

No matter if your company is a large corporate, a medium size or a startup, there is a degree of lack of confidence in the air. Together with the new smart phone and tablets  technologies that are provided to more and more employees, separation between home life and work life, doesn’t exists any longer. That leads to chronic stress which is known to be the gateway to many illnesses and as result, absence from work.


More assignments are given to employees, yet, the productivity and motivation at work, don’t grow as much as expected. Even money incentive, doesn’t encourage more  high quality work to be done.


The reason is - WELLNESS AT WORK!


Wellness means – recognition, respect, care, appreciation, gratitude and attention to the individual’s personality, inner creativity and health.


Companies like Google and Facebook acknowledge the above. From a Price/Performance or ROI aspects, every company should invest in the wellness of its employees.




1.    Applying   preventive wellness  program will result less working days absence because of illnesses

2.    Less stress at work

3.    More efficient  work and better performance

4.    Less insomnia problems

5.    Anger management and better communication

6.    Manifestation of personal creativity & innovation involvement, raise motivation which  may generate growth & productivity.​


We provide information and consultancy of how to create SilentSoundSpace to recharge vitality, attentiveness, better performance and reduce stress.




Contact Us Now to apply a new wellness paradigm at work.


harmonic low sound frequencies. Reduce pain, stress, insomnia & anxiety, boost vitality & mind clarity. No chemicals involved.
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