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" Being proactive in self healing, starts with a journey 

inward  by getting in touch with your inner subsystems -

the biological (muscles, blood, nerves, skeleton...) and the mind systems (thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and dreams). And observing how they interact and influence you life quality , balance and health.

With Vibroacoustic Therapy, you can convert wasted energies that usually sustain the "chaotic mind", to use vitality for applying beneficial habits, balanced life style, positive attitudes, creativity & well-being.

In addition, VAT as an integrative wellness solution will help you reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety with no chemicals involved."


Avigail Berg-Panitz, 

"After VAT, Adam's headache, exhaustion, and lack of mental clarity were also gone. He  he said: " my mind is clear, and nothing hurts," with a contented smile of unexpected delight."   As a therapist, it  really makes me feel great when multiple issues come together and are resolved at the same time.

Thats all,                                                                                        

I love this stuff,  John

Treat someone you love by giving a a quality gift of Vibroacoustic Therapy wellness solution

About US



We are a startup based in Palm Beach Gardens, applying low sound frequencies from Nordic countries as an integrative wellness platform which provides an effective solutions on how to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and insomnia  as well as boost vitality and mind clarity  in a soothing , gentle and effortless way, with no chemicals involved.


Vibroacoustic Therapy is applied in Nordic countries for over 40 years and our passion / drive / motivation is to let the American people and people around the world, explore and apply it as a personalized, proactive and preventive platform to increase the quality of life of millions of people.


Avigail Berg-Panitz, MA is the Owner and CEO

Toril Værnes Trøen is business associate in Nordic & Europe

Therapists- business associates in US & Canada






Vibroacoustic Therapy is a wellness therapy invented 30 years ago in Nordic countries by Olav Skille. You sense deep tissue inner body massage while, low sound frequencies in the range of 30 Hz -120 Hz, are transmitted into a special mat through transducers (low sound speakers) that are embedded in it.


While you lie down on the mat for 23 minutes – you feel harmonic waves – “hugging you from within”. You feel gentle ticklish vibrations in deep tissues, organs and cells. You feel serenity, deep peace together with recharged energies and sharp senses.


Together with harmonic healing vibrations, We revive your first experience the same way  we all felt them in our mother's womb.
You balance body and mind systems, harmonize them and create inner peace and in silence. Your breathing and the low sound frequencies create your internal SilentSoundSpace. You take this  calmness & Vitality inner atmosphere together with you and enables better positive attitude and decision making.



People, therapists, academic research centers and applied research centers in the past 20 years, have reported the benefits of VAT:


- Natural pain killer or elimination

- Increase Attentiveness

- Stress reduction/elimination

- Muscle relief

A tool to minimize bad habits and replace them with better        

  habits (obesity, anger, addiction)

- Insomnia reduction/elimination

- Natural energy booster or recharges vitality

- Improve performance

- Enables getting into self hypnosis and meditation

- Increases calmness & clarity of the mind


Vibroacoustic Therapy is an independent therapy or can be an added value therapy to physicians, chiropractors, physical, psychotherapist or alternative modalities. In addition, after training, it can be used a as a self-management tool .


Vibroacoustic therapy not only reduces pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, while boosting vitality and mind clarity, it is a body/mind attunement tool for balancing mental and physical systems. VAT can minimize the overwhelmed “spaghetti mind” and can convert energies from sustaining chaotic mental patterns to creating healthy, beneficial habits. Read more about our SilentSoundSpace.




1. People and families with chronic diseases and disabilities Please note:  Vibroacoustic therapy does not replace medical treatment, don’t stop using medication without your medical doctor’s advice.


2. Regular families that want to apply wellness preventive tool for the usage of all family members.


3. Businesses who want to add Vibroacoustic therapy as a wellness preventive tool to reduce stress and recharge vitality


4. Spas, Sports, recreation centers


5. Nursing homes, rehab centers, hospices


6. Schools and education centers who want to improve learning environment and reduce stress.


7. Vets


For more information of how to explore and apply Vibroacoustic therapy, please contact – Avigail Berg-Panitz The Sound Well Corp,  914-433-2849


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