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Welcome to TheSoundWell

TheSoundWell activates silence, serenity, & dynamic BodyMind balance in you.

The SoundWell Vibro-Therapy is the official representative of Olav Skille VibroAcoustic Therapy Solutions from Nordic Countries (Norway /Finland ) in America, Providing knowledge, solutions and implementation of the original VibroAcoustic Therapy, pure frequencies and training.


Harmonizing Wellness: Our Vision And Mission

Hello, I am Avigiali Berg - CEO of TheSoundwell Vibro-therapy.

We are a startup based in Boca Raton Florida. Our integrative sonic ergonomic – Vibroacoustic Therapy wellness platform, offers effective solutions to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and insomnia, while boosting vitality and mind clarity – all without any chemicals involved. For over 40 years, Vibroacoustic Therapy has been transforming lives in Nordic countries, and now, our passion is to share its benefits with the American people and beyond. We’re on a mission to empower millions with a personalized, proactive, and preventive approach to enhance their quality of life with sonic wave inner body massage.

We provide a wellness sonic ergonomic vibroacoustic therapy equipment based on Olav Skille’s algorithm of harmonic low sound frequencies from Finland and Norway. It is designed to offer the ultimate soft and calming wellness-health-wellbeing experience. Feel the soothing vibrations as they transmit frequencies ranging from 30Hz to 120Hz, providing a whole sonic inner body massage through our special mats, pillows, sonic pets, recliners, vibrating bean bags and soundbath weighted blankets. Our vibroacoustic therapy can be used as a standalone treatment or seamlessly integrated into medical, physical, psychotherapy, and alternative modalities. From preventive care to acute and chronic cases. You can even use its benefits as a self-help tool for relaxation and well-being, both at work and in the comfort of your home.

HeadingIntroducing Vibroacoustic Therapy - Your Serene Sound Oasis. 

Picture this: Harmonic waves gently embrace you from within, like a blissful massage for your BodyMindSpirit. With soothing low-frequency vibrations, our specially designed mat will transport you to a world of deep tissue relaxation and recharged energies. Feel the magic of your first womb experience, rejuvenating body and mind in perfect harmony.

Originating 30 years ago in the serene Nordic countries by Olav Skille, Vibroacoustic Therapy presents a transformative approach to well-being. As you lie down on our special mat, embedded with transducers, you’ll be enveloped in low sound frequencies ranging from 30 Hz to 120 Hz, providing a profound sense of inner body massage.


Experience the harmonic waves that seem to “hug you from within,” as gentle vibrations spread throughout deep tissues, organs, and cells. Serenity and deep peace wash over you, leaving you recharged with energy and heightened senses.

We harmonize your body and mind systems, cultivating inner peace and silence. Breathing in harmony with the low sound frequencies, you’ll find yourself in your own SilentSoundSpace -a sanctuary of calm and vitality, enhancing your positive attitude and decision-making capabilities. Vibroacoustic Therapy optimizes the usage of vitality and form inner conditions for the body to boost its natural healing capabilities.

Experience The Transformative Power Of Vibroacoustic Therapy With Your Loved Ones

Integrate with other therapies or use independently for a powerful natural energy boost and pain relief. Our variety of frequency solutions also serve as self-management tools after training. Beneficial for individuals with chronic conditions, special needs, athletes, students, and anyone seeking preventive and integrative wellness therapy ranging from Spas, Sports, recreation center, Nursing homes, rehab centers. Schools and education centers seeking improved learning environment and reduce stress.

Ready to Embrace Vibroacoustic Therapy? For more information on transformative wellness experience, reach out to Avigail Berg at The Sound Well Vibro-Therapy Call now at 914-433-2849 and take the first step towards a harmonious and revitalized you!


Vibroacoustic Therapy is your independent path to wellness, complementing medical practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists, psychotherapists, and alternative modalities. With training, use it as a powerful self-management tool to ease pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety, while boosting vitality and mental clarity, minimizing the overwhelmed “spaghetti mind” and promoting healthy habits.

Welcome to our SilentSoundSpace – where harmony manifests! We can help you create your own serenity space in your place.

"After VAT, Adam's headache, exhaustion, and lack of mental clarity were also gone. He he said: "my mind is clear, & nothing hurts," with a contented smile of unexpected delight." As a therapist, it really makes me feel great when multiple issues come together and are resolved at the same time.

Thats all,
I love this stuff, John

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Give someone you love A VATMAT- bodymind Vibroacoustic therapy mat

For more information of how to explore and apply Vibroacoustic therapy, please contact – Avigail Berg- Panitz The Sound Well Corp, 914-433-2849

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