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Welcome to TheSoundWell

TheSoundWell activates silence, serenity, & dynamic BodyMind balance in you.

The SoundWell Vibro-Therapy is the official representative of Olav Skille VibroAcoustic Therapy Solutions from Nordic Countries (Norway /Finland ) in America, Providing knowledge, solutions and implementation of the original VibroAcoustic Therapy, pure frequencies and training.

The Next Big Thing : Wellness Redefined: Introducing The World Of Vatting

Vatting is the Future of Wellness: Sonic Harmonic massage for Inner Body. Say goodbye to stress, insomnia, and anxiety – naturally, No chemicals involved. With 40 years of proven success in Nordic countries, it’s time to embrace the transformation.

The Next Big Thing : Wellness Redefined: Introducing The World Of Vatting

Here How We Can Expand Life Quality With Vibroacoustic Therapy


Understands you and your needs

Chronic stress, insomnia, pain, and anxiety affect many, impacting overall well-being. When any of these conditions become chronic, they often trigger others, creating a vicious circle. The government addresses the challenges posed by chronic diseases:

Common treatments with OTC and prescription drugs can lead to dependency and reduced efficacy. The increasing side effects pose new health challenges. Consider non-pharmaceutical alternatives like Vibroacoustic therapy. Our UnWindme, portable and mobile matress provides a personal solution to break free from the cycle of chronic conditions.

UnWindMe Mat embed specialized transducers that emit audio harmonics, creating powerful vibrations without audible sound. Lie down for 23 minutes on the UnWindMe Mat, as a focused harmony of low- frequency sonic energy envelops your body in a process known as “vatting yourself.” Feel the transformative power as this sonic energy reduces pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety, while elevating mental vitality and clarity. It is a medication-free path enhancing your quality of life.


Wellness On-the-Go: Portable and Mobile

Vibro therapy

Versatile and Effective: Use Anytime, Anywhere

When you’re done, simply switch off the sound until your next session – no refills, no expiration dates. Enjoy the freedom of vatting yourself multiple times a day – before work, after a long day, before a crucial meeting, after intense workouts, and more! It’s your go-to for almost any situation. Vatting can stand alone as your personal self-management tool, or complement other therapies for an integrated wellness approach. Make vatting a part of your daily routine and experience relaxation at your fingertips!


Enhance Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance

Feel the gentle pulses of sonic energy flow through your body, embracing each cell with subtle, ticklish sensations – a recharge of newfound energy and optimism. Experience the serenity and positive impact of meditation and yoga without the need for intense physical and mental discipline. After ahving a VAT session, you’ll feel calm and focused, whether you’re already in excellent shape or working towards it. VAT quiets the mind’s distractions, allowing you to achieve true mental relaxation for meditation. Some feel as though they’ve received a warm, comforting hug, while others sense a profound connection to the world’s energies.

Experience the freedom of Vatting on the go, whether for business trips or leisurely vacations, near or far. Once you start, you’ll want to take UnWindMe everywhere with you. The Harmonic Pillows, utilizing VAT in a portable pillow-sized design. Hug it, sleep with it, share it with your kids for peaceful sleep – it’s your personal harmony in a special bag.

Elevate Your Quality of Life

  • Infants and Newborns: Vatting for Stress Relief and Better Sleep

  • Students: Vatting - Improve attentiveness for better Performance

  • Parents: Embrace Calmness and Wellness with Vatting

  • Students and Collegiates: Vatting - Your Comfort Zone for Stressful Times

  • Wellness at Work: Boosting Employee Wellbeing with Vatting

  • Post-Operative Recovery: Speed Up Healing with Vatting

  • Athletes: Enhance Performance and Recover with Vatting

  • Retirees and Elderly: Embrace Vitality and Quality of Life with Vatting

  • Behavioral Therapy: Breaking Bad Habits and adopting new habits with Vatting

  • Pets and Animals: Stress Relief for Our Furry Friends through Vatting

  • The SilentSoundSpace: Create Your Personal Oasis with Vatting

happy family

Olav Skille - The Inventor Of Vibroacoustic Therapy In Norway - A Woman Vatting Her Self And Her Baby

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