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Vatting is the Next BIG Thing in Personal  Wellness and Corporate Wellness

What is Vatting?



VATTING, the next big thing in personal and corporate wellness, can positively affect large numbers of people irrespective of their location, culture, religion, age, sex, occupation, or skills.


  • It addresses a need.

  • It can be used repeatedly, almost anytime, and either as a stand alone modality, as a self help tool  or with other therapies.

  • It improves one’s physical state,  and mental and emotional balance.

  • It is portable and mobile.

  • It adds to the quality of life at all life stages


What is Vatting?  It is a new personal and integrative wellness sonic harmonic inner body massage equipment that reduces stress, insomnia, and anxiety with no chemicals involved.  It has been used sporadically in Nordic countries for 30 years; its time has come!



Let’s expand upon the five points above to understand what Vatting is:

Vatting address a need
It can be used repeatedly, almost anytime, and either alone or with other therapies.
  • Nearly everyone experiences chronic stress, insomnia, or pain occasionally; some experience them frequently.  These and other chronic diseases are a major focus of public health by our government:

  • Although stress, pain, insomnia and anxiety  may occur independently, yet, when one or more of the 4 conditions becomes chronic, they often promote the appearance of the other conditions.  Altogether, they reinforce one another and initiate a vicious circle that greatly hurts overall wellness.


  • The common treatment for pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety are OTC drugs.  As the condition becomes chronic, prescription-strength drugs are given. Over time, one becomes dependent upon the pills and their effectiveness decreases. The increased side effects from the increased drug dosage become a new major medical challenge.


  • Treatment regimens that do not involve pharmaceutical compounds must be considered as alternatives.


The regimen we propose involves personal treatment with vibro-acoustic therapy (VAT) on a specialized lightweight, portable and mobile mattress called UnWindme mat. The procedure is called vatting.









UnWindMe Mat contains built-in transducers (specialized speakers) designed to project audio harmonics instead of the sound itself — think of the subwoofer without the sound but with all the vibrations!


You lie on the MAT for 23 minutes, while a focused harmony of low-frequency sonic energy is projected into your body (called vatting yourself).  This sonic energy reduces pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, boosts mental vitality and clarity, and enhances the quality of life without requiring any medications.

home versionprofessional version


When you are finished, you simply turn the sound off until the next time you need it!  No refills, no expiration date!


You can VAT yourself more than once a day, before or after any number of situations:  before you go to work, after you come home from work, before an importnat meeting, after one meeting. After an intense workout, during writer’s block, after a family argument, or before you go to bed.  Almost anytime!


Vatting can be used alone as a self-management tool, or it can be combined with other therapies (pharmaceutical, physical, or psycho-therapeutic) as part of an integrated wellness solution. As you VAT yourself daily, vatting can become part of your daily routine.

It improves one’s physical state, and mental emotional balance

During VAT, the sonic energy gives you a “sonic massage”:  you feel gentle pulses flow through your body, from your organs down through the tissues into each cell of your body. Subtle ticklish sensations recharge you with new-found energy and optimism.


Many people who practice yoga and mediate achieve the same feelings. However, VAT does not require a strong physical and mental discipline to achieve these goals!  After VAT, you feel calm and have sharpened senses whether you already have excellent physical condition or are trying improving it. VAT quiets the excess mental worries and distractions that keep most people from achieving mental relaxation for meditation. 


Thus VAT can be used for rehabilitation as well as personal improvement.

Many others feel after VAT as if they received a long warm hug, and others more perceive an improved connectivity to the world and to the energies that are much greater then you.


It is portable and mobile.

UnWindMe is compact and can travel with you, for business or pleasure, across town or across the world! Once you start Vatting, you will want to take it everywhere with you. The Harmonic Pillows also uses VAT, and, because it is the size of a pillow, it is ultra-portable! You can hug it, sleep with it, give it to your children to fall asleep and carry it in a special bag. Every family could have a personal harmonic pillow for each member!


It adds to the quality of life at all life stages

Infants:  Vatting helps newborns and infants to relieve their stress and help them sleep.  It is a useful alternative to swinging. It can help improve performance and learning capabilities.


Students: Many Children in school suffer from anxiety and stress. Studies show that students in college suffer from stress, insomnia and anxiety. What if mental health and education consultants would have a VATMAT in their centers?


Parents:  By alleviating stress and anxiety, vatting may help emotional health of the family at home. Mother or Father can VAT himself when he gets home from work, or after a difficult home project, or after running errands.  Relaxed parents are better parents, and better parent lead to more successful and well-adjusted children!

Students and collegiates: Vatting can comfort you and hug you, and relieve your mind when you feel lonely or stressed over examinations.


Wellness at work:

Literally, employees are the assets of their workplace. If you want to put it nicely – “the human resources”. Mobile technologies (Laptops, smartphones, and tablets) minimize the separation between workplace and persona life. Stress, fatigue, anxiety, and low performance are signs of low motivation at work and may lead to absence day and illnesses.  It all has to do with wellness. Employers want to reduce the cost of health insurance so they offer wellness programs. Yet, wellness at work is not only annual physical checkup, nutrition and workout. It has to do with personal, proactive, and preventive atmosphere. Vatting can help reduce stress, insomnia, and anxiety and improve attentiveness and performance in a SilentSoundSpace – to recharge vitality and reduce stress in the workplace.


Post-operative recovery:  After an injury or after surgery, Vatting may help or accelerate the recovery process


Athletes:  For student-athletes, attendees of sports leagues, those working out as a hobby or lifestyle choice, and even professional athletes, Vatting can help improve mental focus to optimize athletic performance, and can help recover from sports injuries or assist in rehabilitation. It can be used with self-hypnosis to further improve performance in competitive games.


The retired, the baby boomers, and the elderly: 

Many of us are living longer, and are educated enough to demand the widest variety possible of technologies to improve the quality of life when it is harder to maintain.  We need to lower the number of medications taken, without sacrificing vitality, creativity, and life quality.


During life events: Drastic changes in our lives are occurring more frequently than ever, and these are the times when a clear and focused mind is of utmost importance.  Vatting can prepare each person to make the important decision the right way when it maters most!


Behavioral therapy:  Modern society is finally accepting that everyone has mental deficits, that they do not need to be quarantined or judged, and that they can be reversed.  VAT can be used together with cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, or self-hypnosis to replace bad habits (eating disorders, addiction or aversion, and compulsion or dysfocus) with better habits.


Pets and economically important animals:  Pets can enjoy the benefits of VAT as much as we can.  The VATMAT can be laid over your horse, or unhappy zoo animal. Pets can lay on mats as if the mats were their own.  It may help with separation anxiety, the loss of a fellow pet, a recent relocation, or any number of other stressful situations. Did you know that cat's purr is a natural Vatting mechanism for healing and wound recovery?


The SilentSoundSpace:  It is becoming well appreciated that a quiet room (meditation room, yoga room) is central to being able to recenter one’s spirit, whether at home, at work, or after work before going home.  Vatting is the new basic component in a SilentSoundSpace (a personalized space free of noise or physical or social distractions, a “happy place”), its effects on reducing stress, anxiety, on recharging vitality and attentiveness and focus will be maximized!

Adding SilentSoundSpace to businesses, SPAs , fittness centers, rehabs centers, hospices, hospitals, recreation centers, schools and public centers will make the difference to the  harmonic atmosphere in these places  and the wellbeing of the people in them.


Before saying automatically "take a pill" with reguards to pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, how about saying "take a VAT"?


****Vatting does not replaces going to your physician if these conditions continue as they may indicate an illness. Any combination of pills together with Vatting to people with a defined illness, should be monitored by physician . 


                                               Vatting is an intergative wellness solution that may increase life quality for all.





                                    Olav Skille - The inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy in Norway - a woman Vatting her self and her baby

Vatting is the Next BIG Thing in Personal  Wellness and Corporate Wellness

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