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Treating People Through Vibroacoustic Therapy

Are you a physician, chiropractor, therapist, psychotherapist, physical therapist, coach, teacher, or any other profession that has to do with treating people?


Learn how vibroacoustic therapy can be effective to reduce pain, stress, insomnia & anxiety, boost vitality & mind clarity with no chemicals involved.



The delicate thread that connects you to your clients


Each and every meeting you have with your client, and even if you are seeing each other for quite a while already, there is a "mysterious connectivity moment". It is like a wireless thread that is crucial for the effectiveness of the meeting. You can call it to “being on the same page”. But it’s more than that.


It’s your ability to have space in your mind in order to feel/sense the way your client perceives reality and how s/he feels – emotionally, mentally and physically. These  dimensions  are crucial for being a good and effective therapist – no matter who you are or what you do? It has to do with attentiveness, compassion and recreating again an atmosphere of trust.


Empathy, listening, observing, exploring together with your client… Are these words part of your objectives when you  analyze your clients’ complexities and  provide healthcare and wellness  tools to solve their physiological nd psychological problems?


I would like to suggest, that you as a therapist, start your day with  having a 23

minutes with VAT.


What is VAT ?

Vibroacoustic Therapy is a 23 minutes  low sound frequencies, inner body

massage you experience  when you lie on a mattress of bed or you sit on a chair

(that  have embedded transducers that transmit the special sound frequencies

into every organ, tissues and cell in your body). The sensation/feelings during

the session and following it, is a combination of recharged energies,

calmness together with sharp senses.


VAT  clears the mind from the automatic thought stream, that flows in us,

- whoever we are , and whatever we do. VAT balances our mental and

physical systems .


You may raise your eyebrows and say :” is she suggesting ME – the therapist to have a treatment.


The answer: absolutely!!!


I suggest that you have a 23 minutes of VAT before your client arrives – at least once a day, and let him/her have a 23 minutes  session of VAT before  or during applying your main modality.. The powerful outcome is ATTENTION and balance of mental and physical systems for both of you.


Contact me to learn how to incorporate Vibroacoustic therapy to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, boost vitality and mind clarity – with No Chemicals involved.


Vibroacoustic Therapy is an integrative  wellness platform.




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