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Sleepless Nights No More


Tired of the restless nights, the chronic fatigue, and the relentless grip of insomnia? The haunting inability to drift into dreams, the unwelcome vigils that stretch into morning light – it’s time to reclaim your nights.

Sleeplessness, fatigue, stress – the cycle keeps you captive. Explore the soothing embrace of Vibroacoustic Therapy, where sleep isn’t an elusive dream but a tangible reality. From restless minds to weary bodies, we’re here to guide you towards tranquility. Say goodbye to the endless wakefulness, the tossing and turning that binds you.

Experience the tailored comfort of our specially designed mats and recliners, as they guide you into a realm of tranquility. Say goodbye to the torment of insomnia, and welcome revitalizing rest. With Vibroacoustic Therapy, restful sleep isn’t a distant dream anymore. Step into a world where your nights are your own, where stress fades away and rest becomes a cherished companion.

Sleepless Nights No More

Nightmare isn’t just a bad dream’s dance,
It’s stress and fatigue in a sleepless trance.
Reasons aplenty for sleep’s elusion,
Pain, worry, excitement’s intrusion.

Once a week, it’s a hurdle to clear,
But nights of none-sleep accumulate with fear.

Perception falters, decisions amiss,
Yawning through days, vitality remiss.

Handle insomnia, mend your cells,
Behavior, temperament – healing spells.
Boost your immunity, keep vitality on track,
Embrace natural solutions, avoid drug’s snare and lack.

What Could Change With A Special Mat?

silentsoundspace - to reduce stress

The Science Of Cell Nourishment: Managing 7.2 Trillion Daily

Welcome to a world where rejuvenation happens as you dream. During those 7-8 hours of blissful slumber, an internal cleansing dance takes place. Toxic materials are escorted out of your brain and body cells, and a harmonious balance is restored.

Your vitality and energy management are key. Just as you recharge your devices, your body requires energy input and mindful expenditure. Unbalanced habits like stress and excess can disrupt your equilibrium. Insomnia, a telltale sign of disharmony, affects decision-making, immunity, and perception.

You hold the reins to your 37.2 trillion cells, each a vital player in your symphony of life. Balance is paramount, like adjusting sails to the wind. A sleepless night amidst celebrations can signal a rejuvenating rest day. Chronic pain? Address its source. And if anxiety spins restless tales in bed, it’s time to tame your stress.

Empower your well-being with the healing embrace of Vibroacoustic Therapy. Dive into a world where stress melts away, insomnia surrenders, and your body sings a harmonious tune.

What Can You Do About It?

optimizing key factors

  • Changing the mattress and pillows to the bed and room ambiance.

  • Enhance air circulation for a refreshing rest.

  • Discover strategies to ensure both you and your partner enjoy peaceful sleep, harmonizing your sleep schedules and preferences.

  • Tackle challenges that prevent you from a restful night's sleep.

  • Explore communication and adjustments to reclaim your sleep tranquility.

Pre-Bedtime Rituals:

  • Avoid showering right before bed and heavy meals.

  • Immerse yourself in relaxation, preparing your body and mind for restorative rest.

  • Delve into the physical sensations as you nestle onto your mattress.

  • Pay homage to your body's contact points – arms, neck, palms – as they meet the surface, enhancing your bedtime connection.

  • Practicen self-massage, a treasure trove for body wellness. With over 85% of your body accessible, learn how to engage in self-discovery through gentle pats, taps, and caresses.

Escape the Mind's Chatter

If relentless thoughts, feelings, and memories hold you captive, craft a mental sanctuary of serenity. Envision a tranquil hammock beneath swaying palms, bathed in soothing sunlight. Feel your gentle sway, transporting yourself to a calming oasis. Experience a mental haven that guides you to restful repose.

Soundwave Serenity for Restful Nights

  • Revitalize with Harmonic Resonance:

  • Unwind on our specialized mat, entranced by a single soothing 40Hz soundwave.

  • Feel a gentle inner massage that ripples through every cell, revitalizing organs and tissues.

  • Experience a tranquil mind, immersed in inner peace and tranquility.

What Is Vibroacoustic Therapy


Immerse yourself in the symphony of well-being, where harmonic low sound frequencies dance between 30Hz and 120Hz, embracing your senses. Through our innovative phone apps and an amplifier, these soothing vibrations flow to a special mat, cocooning you in a nurturing experience.

Meet Olav Skille, the visionary mind behind this marvel, hailing from the Nordic lands of Norway and Finland. His profound understanding of frequencies’ interplay with our bodies brought forth a revelation: specific frequencies hold the key to unlocking relief from pain and stress in various body zones.

Vibroacoustic therapy isn’t a replacement for medical care, but a steadfast companion on your wellness odyssey. If pain persists, seek medical advice. Yet, when pain becomes a constant companion, discover the transformative potential of Vibroacoustic Therapy.

Your doctor might be unfamiliar, but we’re here to bridge the gap. Direct them to our website,, and enlightening eBook. Let the symphony of healing frequencies guide you to a life where pain takes a backseat.

Vibroacoustic Therapy's Radiance For Wellness

  • An independent oasis of healing that seamlessly complements other therapies.

  • A therapeutic marvel and a personal wellness ally – enhance life quality from the comfort of your haven.

  • Pain’s confusion through diverse frequencies diminishes nerve signals, ushering relief.

  • Vibroacoustic therapy: your body’s graceful gymnastics, keeping life’s rhythm alive within. Sense it. Feel its pulse within.

Vibroacoustic Therapy's Radiance For Wellness

Affordable Vibroacoustic Therapy Systems​


Can you sense it?

Harmonious vibrations, like soothing waves in a serene lake, caressing you from within.

Our bodies are 65% water. Vibroacoustic therapy resonates through every organ, tissue, and cell, easing the overwhelmed mind.

Experience the Healing Waves Today!


Imagine a mat, a space of grace,
Where stress dissolves, a calm embrace.
Choose a frequency, lie down and breathe,
Soothing waves, your worries beneath.

Minutes pass, a journey unfolds,
Vitality surges, as peace takes hold.

Clarity dawns, creativity sparks,
In this haven of calm, negative thoughts depart.
This mat, this journey, a tranquil art,
Healing within, where new beginnings start.


Do You Get The Feeling?


Harmonic low sound vibrations waves, rinsing and hugging you from within like gentle waves in a still lake.

We are 65% water. Vibroacoustic therapy, harmonically, vibrates every organ, tissue and cell and minimizes overwhelmed mind


Our variety of solutions cover many aspects of human’s life at home and at work: women’s health and wellness kit, special needs school and rehab centers, general rehab centers, addiction rehab centers, hospitals “SilentSoundSpace”, Improve performance and learning capabilities, wellness “SilentSoundSpace”, hospice solutions for clients , member and staff, regular schools & eduction centers for students and teachers, sleeping aid solutions, psycotherapists clinics, public spaces, businesses and more…


Please view more details of a selective group of solutions:

Transform Your Wellness Journey

From women’s health and wellness kits to rehab centers, hospitals, schools, and businesses – we have a vibroacoustic therapy solution for every aspect of your life! Enhance performance, reduce stress, and boost vitality with our “SilentSoundSpace” offerings.

Experience the magic of sound therapy in public spaces and create a serene atmosphere at home. Explore the possibilities and discover how our cutting-edge solutions can transform your well-being. Let the harmony of sound elevate your life to new heights! Don’t wait – dive into the world of vibroacoustic therapy today!

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