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Improve Life Quality Through Vibroacoustic Therapy


Vibroacoustic therapy can increase the quality of your life, reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, boost vitality and mind clarity – with no chemicals involved.


Unfortunately there are hundreds of chronic diseases and disabilities  symptoms. Add to them physical and mental conditions after severe  injuries, surgeries and chemotherapy treatments from one end, and “regular stress and anxiety “ at work and at home from  the other.  Please view the statistics of numbers of Americans with chronic diseases . You come up with a conclusion of a very sick society.


Check statistics of chronic diseases in US. Some of the symptoms are temporary. Many of them are preventable. As we age, and if we do not apply preventive wellness lifestyle, we may find ourselves going from one physician to the other, and taking daily, an increasing pile of drugs.


When do you get to a point when you say to yourself – STOP! Observe! Explore and apply a new integrative modality??


It’s a matter of personality!!! It’s a matter of conditioning of the mind!!!


Are you open minded to learn new ways to make your life better ??


No matter in what conditions you are in, you can significantly improve your life quality.



Our perception of incorporating Vibroacoustic Therapy:


- First reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety that drain your vitality with Vibroacoustic therapy session for 23 minutes a day. We will be happy to talk with your physician and explain what is Vibroacoustic therapy and how it can be integrated to reduce taking pain killers, anxiety, stress and insomnia drugs.


- Then, we will provide you with tools on how to replace overwhelmed mind streams of negative thoughts, emotions, imaginative scenarios and bad habits, with creativity, healthy food, sports, positive attitude, habits and actions. 


Vibroacoustic Therapy has over 30 years of successful implementation as a wellness therapy in Nordic countries. learn and apply the Nordic Wisdom of harmonic low sound frequencies as a wellness and balancing modality to improve the quality of your life. When you purchase a vibroacoustic therapy mat or recliner, all family members can enjoy a daily session to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, boost vitality and mind clarity with no chemicals involved.


Contact us to learn more: Avigail Berg-Panitz –at the SoundWell corp Olav Skille representative in America




Do you or your family member have a chronic disease  and /or disability?

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