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Vagus Nerve Vibroacoustic Therapy Sleeve
  • Vagus Nerve Vibroacoustic Therapy Sleeve


    A 25" X 4.5" sleeve with 3 transducers built in. The sleeve is flexible to positin it in different parts of the body. Adviced on neck, lungs and belly.


    read about the Vagus Nerve and the vibroacoustic therapy sleeve that may stimulate it.

    Vibroacoustic Therapy may be effective in stimulating the Vagus Nerve | by Avigaili Berg | Jun, 2024 | Medium


    • vibroacoustic therapy frequencies and system

      you receive a code to download 4 low sound frequencies and an amplifier. You can purchase a rechargeable  battery as well.

      You can ask about different colors option.

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