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Studies show Vibroacoustic therapy treats chronic disease, stress, insomnia

Studies show Vibroacoustic therapy treats chronic disease, stress, insomnia & anxiety.

Research studies across the globe have demonstrated that the wellness integrative platform - Vibroacoustic therapy – (a low-sound frequency, inner-body massage system)– can be used to increase life quality in chronic diseases, and may reduce stress, insomnia, and anxiety with no chemicals or pills involved.

Palm Beach Gardens, 3.24.2015 – The Soundwell Corp. is a start-up based in Palm Beach Gardens, which is dedicated to exploring and implementing the benefits of Vibroacoustic therapy as a wellness, integrative platform to minimize a number of symptoms. Vibroacoustic therapy is a process where one lies on a special mat, which has low-frequency or bass transducers embedded inside of it. These transducers emit a single harmonic frequency that is converted into gentle vibration waves that feel like an inner-body massage.

During a Vibroacoustic therapy treatment session, which typically lasts 23 minutes, most people experience deep serenity and relaxation. The outcome of Vibroacoustic therapy treatment may be a reduction of pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety; a boost of vitality and body-mind balance; and a positive outlook on life.

The Soundwell Corp. utilizes a specific low-sound frequency formula in all Vibroacoustic therapy treatments. This formula comes from Olav Skille, a Norwegian scientist who is credited as the founder of Vibroacoustic therapy. Skille used Pythagoras’ algorithm of harmony to create a number of frequencies between 30 hertz and 120 hertz that target specific symptoms. For example, a frequency of 40 hertz may balance blood circulation while 52 hertz may reduce lower back pain.

The Soundwell Corp. is currently working together with therapists and practitioners to begin using Vibroacoustic therapy as a personalized and proactive integrative solution to increase life quality and vitality.

For instance, Dr. Lili Naghdi, MD who treated people with fibromyalgia, contacted Soundwell Corp. to learn how to use Vibroacoustic therapy to help her patients. She was trained on how to use Vibroacoustic therapy and provided with a kit of Olav Skille's low sound frequencies.

Dr. Naghdi later conducted a study about the effects of Vibroacoustic therapy on her patients with fibromyalgia. The outcome of her study can be accessed here. Patients receiving the treatment showed “statistically and clinically relevant improvement.”

Additional studies can be found here. Note: More research is needed on Vibroacoustic therapy and its potential to become a widely-used as an additional integrative wellness modality.

For more information and request for a Vibroaccoustic Therapy presentation, contact

Avigail Berg-Panitz - 561-277-8282

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