TheSoundWell Hug-Me Pillow

TheSoundWell Hug-Me Pillow


We all need a hug.
Sometimes we enjoy the sensation of simply “a hug from within” from ourselves to ourselves.
Before hugging others, we need to recharge vitality in ourselves first.
Vibroacoustic therapy HugMe pillow provides exactly that:
You hug harmonic low sound frequency pillow and the vibrations sensations of gentle waves, not only deeply relaxes you , but gives you the feeling of self-love and positive energies.
After a nasty day at work, after feeling overwhelmed, stressed, lonely and sad there is nothing compared to harmonic hug me pillow. It will provide positive attitude, better mood, compassion and tolerance to the people around you. You will smile as if you have a secret, And in fact you do :)))

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General Information about Vibroacoustic Therapy:


Olav Skille – The inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy found the correlation between harmonic low sound frequencies and reduction of pain and stress in different parts of the body and other frequencies help reduce insomnia and anxiety

The process:

You lie on a whole-body mat, slip yourself into a sound bath bag / weighed blanket or hug a pillow. You select a single low sound frequency and, let go. After few moments you feel as being hugged from within as sonic harmonic waves rinse your body. You sink into serenity and after 23 minute you calm the body, clear the mind and   feel recharged with vitality to restart your day with a smile on your face.

Who is it for?

Vibroacoustic is a balancing therapeutic modality which could be a great added value for different types of therapists (physical, psychological, hypnotherapy, occupational, recreational and complementary such massage therapy) , Chiropractors, MDs, ND, life coaches .

It could be used before, during or after your main modality and can be used as a self-care tool.

Families with special needs and chronic conditions could increase life quality with our vibroacoustic therapy.


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  • Details

    soft soothing material.

    2 built-in transducers
    + amplifier 
    4 frequencies
    rechargeable battery  can added for $35


  • information about 4 frequencies

    You get 4 frequencies together with HugMePillow

    Olav Skille the inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy - found the correlation between specific frequencies in the range between 30hz-120hz and reduction and elimination of pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety.

    please view a short video about the frequencies and their functionalities

    when you purchase whole body equipment you get access to online training




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