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TheSoundWell MAT
  • TheSoundWell MAT


    TheSoundWell Vibro-Mat   includes a combination of 6 built in transducers for low sound frequencies and a music speaker.

    The systems includes a tablet with 7 low sound frequencies composed by Olav Skille - The Inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy

    6 low sound frequencies + 2 music speaker.

    While listening to music you feel the vibrations as inner body massage.

    Alternative usage: - streaming  Olav Skille low sound frequencies which are included in a special tablet.


    Thickness:  4" Width:  27"      Length:  74"

    25 lbs.

    material: soft leather-like vinyl (health standards if requested + 10% price increase)

    Shipped by UPS Ground

    warranty: One Year​

    Outstanding Features:​

    • Whole  body sonic inner body massage and music vibroacoustic mat.

    • Harmonic Sonic waves rinse the whole body with stimulating and soothing sound vibrations.

    • Light weight-easily portable. Can be folded in half.

    • Can be placed on a variety of surfaces:
      a. Flat and hard - massage table or floor.
      b. Soft - a lounge, beach chair or bed.

    • Bluetooth Amplifier and  a tablet with 7 built in frequencies .

    • eBook about Vibroacoustic Therapy

    • On Line training


    • Relaxation

    • Individual Stress Reduction

    • Calming restless behavior

    • Reduces mental, emotional and physical stress

    • Tuning and optimizing  the body vibrational energy system

    • Enhancing self help and mind-brain tapes

    • Making the mind-body connection

    • Recreational Therapy

    • Occupational Therapy

    • Music Therapy

    • Physical Therapy

    • Holistic health and alternative medicine practice


    Please note:

    For this product, there will be an added shipping cost which is based on your address. Please contact us and we will let you know the cost before your purchase.

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