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UnWindMe Portable & Personal Professional Mat
  • UnWindMe Portable & Personal Professional Mat


    Any therapist (Physical, occupational, psychotherapist, alternative) , Chiropractor or MD could benefit from adding Vibroacoustic Therapy UnWindMe Mat as a balancing platform and a way to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality in a soothing and effortless way.

    You could use the mat before, during or after your main treatment.

    UnWindMe could be a stand-alone therapy to replace bad habits with better habits.

    We train therapist how to optimize the usage of our systems.


    General Information about Vibroacoustic Therapy:


    Olav Skille – The inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy found the correlation between harmonic low sound frequencies and reduction of pain and stress in different parts of the body and other frequencies help reduce insomnia and anxiety

    The process:

    You lie on a whole-body mat, slip yourself into a sound bath bag / weighed blanket or hug a pillow. You select a single low sound frequency and, let go. After few moments you feel as being hugged from within as sonic harmonic waves rinse your body. You sink into serenity and after 23 minute you calm the body, clear the mind and   feel recharged with vitality to restart your day with a smile on your face.

    Who is it for?

    Vibroacoustic is a balancing therapeutic modality which could be a great added value for different types of therapists (physical, psychological, hypnotherapy, occupational, recreational and complementary such massage therapy) , Chiropractors, MDs, ND, life coaches .

    It could be used before, during or after your main modality and can be used as a self-care tool.

    Families with special needs and chronic conditions could increase life quality with our vibroacoustic therapy.


    Explore  and read Studies and Research Papers




    UnWindMe Mat is a major component of creating a SilentSoundSpace









    The price includes:

    • 8 sessions of online training how optimize guidance of Vibroacoustic therapy
    • 2 codes tow download 7 frequencies for two phones
    • 1 amplifier
    • 1 portable proffesional- UnWindMe

    Imagine you had a special mat

    It is waiting for you to finally stop running in the maze like a rat.

    You select a single low sound frequency,

    You lie your body, breathe deeply and easily.

    You feel gentle waves hugging you from within;

    Ticklish sensation, on and under your skin.

    You sense your mind slowing down from overwhelming stress,

    Soothing vibrations shut down negative scenarios that fuel imaginative mess.

    Slowly you perceive inner bodymind peace,

    Balance, attunement, and harmony, increase.

    After a half an hour of session on your special mat,

    You feel recharged with vitality, yet calmed like a spoiled purring cat.

    Your attitude is positive and your mind is sharp and clear,

    You can be the best of you, creative, no worry and no fear.

    Pain reduction/elimination
    -Increase Attentiveness
    -Stress reduction/elimination
    -Muscle relief
    -A tool to minimize bad habits and replace them with better habits(obesity, anger, addiction )
    -Insomnia reduction/elimination
    -Recharges vitality and energies.
    -Improve performance (for students, proffesional sport people and anybody who wants to optimize his/her performance)
    -Enables creating inner conditions for hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and meditation.
    -Increases calmness & clarity of the mind
    - Anxiety reduction/elimination
    - Light depression relief


    • Details

      Vibroacoustics: Soft soothing material.

      6 built-in transducers

      size: 27”X60”X3”


    • learn about the frequencies


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