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Vibroacoustic therapy - Insomnia Treatment

Difficulty in falling asleep is one of the characteristics of insomnia. And there are several symptoms that indicate a high probability of having it. Frequent occurrence requires consultation and proper diagnosis in order to prevent it early and provide cure.

Inability to fall asleep and feel refreshed

Lying awake for a very long time during the night before falling asleep is one of the major symptoms of insomnia. These include frequent sleep cuts or several wakeups in the middle of the night and is not able to go back to sleep afterwards.

Another factor is feeling tired or exhausted--still even after sleep. As a result, one may not be able to do well at school, at work, or even do simple tasks at home. There is also a significant decrease in the focus and efficiency of an individual.

Another effect would be the feeling of irritability. It can be noticed by an action of a person towards something; a squeak sound for example or some of the usual annoying sounds experienced on a daily basis that can be tolerated, now causes one to feel irritated.

Treatment through Vibroacoustic therapy

Vibroacoustics is a natural relaxation technique using low harmonic sound frequencies with the goal of reducing the levels of stress and tension in one’s body including an overloaded mind filled with negative thoughts that may trigger insomnia. With the application of sound therapy, it improves the quality of sleep as well as enhance the mental state of an individual.

Though vibroacoustic therapy can help a person with insomnia regain and have a better sleep, it is still important to practice a healthy lifestyle and refrain from stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes, excessive drinks with caffeine and other unhealthy consumables.

The session of vibroacoustics is identified to have a positive therapeutic effect to an individual; it relaxes both the mind and body in order to have an improved quality of sleep. To know more about the application, procedures, and how it can help you, contact us today!

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