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Effects of Vibroacoustic therapy on the Control of Muscle Tone and Movement

Muscle movement plays an important role to let individuals perform their designated functions in life. Whether you work, study, or play different sports, it is important to know the limits and ways on how to prevent negative effects upon overuse.

In a certain point on every daily living activity, there are instances or situations that a muscle, though not much damaged, is not able to move freely as it was before. This happens when the brain is unable to control and coordinate the whole or part of the muscle movements that are needed.

Vibroacoustics and Motor Activities

Vibroacoustic therapy is a natural way of sending low harmonic sound frequencies into the body -- no sound but low sound and your breathing. The pulsed frequency or vibrations that ranges from 30-120Hz serve as a starting point which transmits the signals of sound frequencies throughout a person’s body. Depending on the case, the flow sound waves or “sine waves” that comes from an amplitude that is precisely balanced may vary from a person to another.

The main reason why pure tones and vibrations are used in the process is in order to prevent over amplification of sound vibrations or exceed the required amount. It then prevents the contraction of muscles which is often caused by continuous stimulation. By application of the low frequencies, proper procedures and equipment, it may help the person not only from the improvement of motor activities but also in relieving different types of symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

Research results have considered a non-pharmacological, non-invasive therapy that helps in sensory stimulation, reduction of muscle tones, and contributes assistance to the neural system in order to distribute, coordinate and assist in the improvement of the motor activities.

The method of vibroacoustic therapy is being applied in Nordic countries for over 30 years, yet, research is still in its first stage in America. Vibroacoustic Therapy has great potential of helping people with different symptoms to be cured in a natural way. It has value for both medicine wellness and the person growth. Continuous research and improvement throughout the world is being made in order to unlock each and every potential of vibroacoustics.

Vibroacoustic therapy can help millions of people with chronic diseases, disabilities and “regular people who want to use it a s preventive wellness tool to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality with no chemicals involved. It can be applied at home, at the office, in hospitals or even at school. Experience vibroacoustics and how it can be of help today!

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