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Helping the Elderly with Vibroacoustics

As people age, illnesses and body irregularities tend to appear which may result to an increase in difficulties in coping up with daily activities. This is especially true when it comes to the elderly because majority of them tend to move less than usual.

Application of low frequency sound waves

Physical movement, sweating, exercise, strength and balance routines are some of the factors that are proven to be effective in order to improve and fully utilize the body strength in the elderly stage. Though complications and inability to perform such acts may arise in old people due to movement restraints, disability and other circumstances, it is still possible to slowly increase their life quality through application of low harmonic sound frequencies.

Using low harmonic sound helps improve and maintain several aspects of their functional capacity including their well-being and reduce the usage of chemicals – together with physician’s guidance.

Vibroacoustics and its effects

Depending on the requirements on a particular patient, low harmonic sound frequencies may vary its range from 30 to 120 Hz. The low-frequency sound waves would then be felt deep into the body tissues starting from the skin. 40hz reduce insomnia, 50 hz reduce lungs illnesses conditions, 52hz reduce lower back pain, 68 hz reduce upper back , shoulders and neck pain and stress, 86hz reduce headache which is result of migrane.

These flow of sound waves in the body of the elderly could then lead to a better functional capacity including balance in one’s posture, improvement in muscle strength, smoother circulation of blood, and even the ability to walk.

Vibroacoustic therapy has helped plenty of people in different locations and the process is continuously being innovated. To learn more about its procedures and how it can be of help to your daily living, contact us today!

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