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Add vibroacoustic therapy to rehabs & special education schools.

What could be the possible common denominator of elderly rehab that deals with diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer's & Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Arthritis, Sleep Disorders, Depression, Osteoporosis, a rehab that deals with addiction and a special needs education school that treats children with autism or CP?

An automatic first respond would be –nothing!

Yet when you personalize the question, to an individual focus , you see that old people with chronic medical issues, children with mental and mobility disabilities , people that are fighting addiction and obesity, all need a bodymind balancing platform that will get them out of the “drowning hurricane” of pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. All wish to feel authentic joy and some kind of personal achievement and a success experience.

Sometimes the interface of communication is damaged , destroyed by the illness or was minimal from birth.– people with Alzheimer, or children with CP or RETT or Autism may have challenges in regular conversation – that we, “the regular”, take for granted. That doesn’t mean that deep inside – there isn't a being, a soul, who strives to be in contact.

How can we know? Look into their eyes, see the spark. Observe what triggers their attention, that may be noticed by their– eyes movement only, or slight body movement.

Vibroacoustic Therapy is a inner body massage of low sound frequencies, that are felt as gently waves “rinsing harmonically and hugging you from within”.

Various frequencies effect different body systems and create intriguing mental and physical attentiveness. Vibroacoustic therapy have multilevel therapeutic benefits: 1. Reduces pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality. – Family members, teachers, and therapists can learn how to use the mat and utilize the various frequencies that are available in the range between 30hz -120 hz. 2. Balance BodyMind systems interaction 3. Using VAT as an inner body trigger for self-exploration and sharing experience. 4. Calming the mind tsunami of thoughts , emotions, sensations, memories and imagination and as result – clear perception and sharpen senses.

People with Parkinson – may increase their life quality with VATTING:

Children with Rett Syndrome , Autism and CP may enjoy the sensation of VAT and calm aggressive or extreme behavior.

People in state of addiction ,obesity and eating disorder may benefit from using VAT in their cognitive behavior recovery process. Vibroacoustic Therapy may reduce Depression in elderly peoplea nd others.

Vibroacoustic therapy does not cure and does not replace medical treatment, but it may be a significant added value tool to increase life quality of many people with challenges as mentioned above, at homes, in rehabs ,and in special need education schools (including regular schools as well)

Contact me to learn more of how to incorporate vibroacoustic therapy in your life @home , @work, @school @ rehab.

Avigail The SoundWell Corp

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