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SilentSoundSpace at work is a wellness facility to reduce FISA - Fatigue, Insomnia, Stress & Anx

In recent years, wellness at work became a very trendy subject in America. The main reason is that health insurance companies provide discount premium to companies that are committed to enroll and apply a program of wellness@work – *see links below

This is a good direction, though; wellness at work is more than annual physical checkup, fitness, or diet.

Wellness@work need to address “four siblings of a family” that drain employees’ vitality and cloud perception- FISA: Fatigue–Insomnia- Stress -Anxiety

World uncertain dynamic economy, global village offshore alternative manpower, and new mobile technologies, lead many businesses around the world, to view their employees as –“ assets” that are easily, replaceable, if they do not achieve company’s goals, refuse to accept more and more missions or refuse to be nonstop, accessible.

If in the past, there was separation between working time and home time, today, employees are expected to be available anytime –anywhere, even, in their vacation . Sometimes it is not the official workplace policy, but the fear and anxiety of the individual, that feels his /her role is at risk if, s/he is not responsive 24X7.

When there is no separation between working time and home time, there is accumulation of fatigue, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. We all know that any role's performance, is evaluated by various parameters, periodically, and that adds to FISA. In addition, as they get older, people are scared to find themselves fired because young, low salary employees, are waiting in the que to be hired and replace them, or temporary freelancers may be an attractive working solution for the workplace.

You go home after a long day, but cannot “make the switch” in your mind, to be 100% attentive to your family’s needs and duties. Your mind keeps reminding you of the todo list you left behind.

Endless assignments and projects at home and at work, bring about stress. You do not sleep at night, so you are tired at work. The cycle of FISA grows like a hurricane that drains your vitality, clouds your perception and damages your behavior. Chronic fatigue, stress, and insomnia –weaken the immune system and are the gateway to serious illnesses and absence from work.

The above scenarios, are usually not taken into consideration, in the official wellness programs. Yes, they deal with stress, but they don’t focus on the connections between, fatigue, insomnia, stress, and anxiety?

People are afraid to lose their jobs, they work harder, longer, but their performance and quality, do not necessarily grow. FISA conditions, usually lower motivation at work and in life. Many people add to FISA – D : Depression.

What should business leaders and mindful employees do about the above?

I suggest creating a SilentSoundSpace to workplace. Dedicate a specific room to enable employees, balance mental and physical systems, reduce FISA and recharge vitality with Vibroacoustic Therapy – inner body massage with harmonic low sound frequencies.

In addition, I suggest adding creativity & innovation & multidisciplinary dialogue @work workshops, to engage motivation and form an atmosphere and environment for self-expression and loyalty at work.

To learn more about SilentSoundSpace & workshops @ work, contact me:

Avigail : MA in Holistic Health, social entrepreneur, holistic & integrative therapist, the owner TheSoundWell

* If you are located in S Florida you are welcome to attend our experiential and inspiring workshop:Wellness On Demand- Demand Wellness! Tuesday - January 26th – Eastpointe Country Club Palm Beach Gardens.

*If you are located elsewhere, invite me to run this workshop. It could be, a positive game changer in the culture of wellness at work. Remember, when employees are happy & healthy, they are engaged, and motivated. When they are engaged, and motivated, they empower your workplace, make it healthier, and help it grow.

*Links about wellness@ work and reduction of health insurance:

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