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Why those who treat addiction should incorporate vibroacoustic therapy as an added value modality &a

There are so many psychiatric, psychological and social theories that explain what type of a person could “fall into addiction,” and how to “pull one, out of it”

I would like you to be attentive to an integrative health, wellness and wellbeing perception of BODYMIND BALANCE with Vibroacoustic Therapy to replace bad habit with better habit and reverse addiction.

What is bodymind balance?

While this concept is becoming more and more a mainstream vocabulary, and is used by therapists, holistic practitioners and integrative physicians, many use it theoretically, philosophically or as a general term in regular conversations.

However, how do you define BodyMind Balance and what are the mechanism and tools to get back to it, if you are off it?

Here is my definition:

Body Mind Balance is a dynamic process of harmonious, group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements within physiological/biological systems, within mental/emotional systems and among all systems, that in fact, utilize vitality to maintain and sustain dynamic homeostasis and conditions which support, healthy living.

When we talk of healthy living we mean: sleeping well, eating food enriched with vitamins and minerals to nourish the cells, exercise, reduce stress and applying personal talents / creativity.

Most health paradigms, agree to the perception of viewing body organs and parts as SYSTEMS and systems within systems (cell as a system, brain as a system, blood, nervous, skeletal, digestive system and so on…) yet not too many, view THE MIND (not the brain) as a system that include the following subsystems:

Thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination, dreams, and belief systems.

The truth is that we are all (in some way or the other) – slaves and conditioned to dynamic SPAGHETTI SUBROUTINES of inner interactions of multi processes that begin with triggers and continue with reactions, that maybe triggers – in another subsystem.

I call it SPAGHETTI SUBROUTINES because nobody really knows “what effects what” in real-time – only looking backwards people say :” yes he had an heart attack because he had a broken heart – his wife left him out of the blue…”

Or … positively – “she joined a spiritual group, started mediation and she cured her cancer”


The mainstream view is that there are “the healthy & normal “ and that there are the ones that are ill or the types that have the tendencies to be ill.

Our view is that human’s life is a dynamic seesaw of habits – good habits and bad we adopt during life as ways to cope with change, stress, pain, insomnia and anxiety.

An experience is a subjective interpretation of reality that is encoded in memory and may result a series of reactions that BodyMind adopts to cope with that experience.

We believe that optimized usage of vitality (energy of life) together with self-help tools ,awareness and creativity , will help us replace bad habits and negative scenarios with better habits and positive attitude and behavior which includes manifesting our talents.

We all have bad habits

A bad habit is one that drain our vitality, lead to self-destruction and may damage our relationship at home , at work and in the community. We are drawn to bad habit because it creates physical dependency and / or gives us an illusion of escape from our challenges in life.

Practically, we recognize addiction when the bad habit, takes over our life’s priorities, responsibilities and tasks in life.

How Vibroacoustic therapy can help?

Vibroacoustic therapy – is an integrative wellness platform from Nordic countries. It is based on a single frequency in the range between 30hz -120hz that is streamed to a mat (or recliner, or a pillow). The VAT furniture has built-in transducer (low sound frequency speaker ) which convert the frequency into a gentle inner body massage. The process is very soothing – as harmonic waves rinse you from within, lead your bodymind to deep silence and balance of mental and physical systems. It minimizes the overwhelmed mind of thoughts, emotions sensations memories, imagination, and acts as RESET BUTTON to unwanted negative and imaginative scenario, which fuel stress and drain vitality.

Vibroacoustic therapy can be a very effective tool as part of psychotherapy treatment of generating new positive habits and embedding them in the desktop of one’s mind. Rehearsing this new habit may replace a bad habit, change attitude, lifestyle, and priorities in life.

Converting wasted negative usage of vitality to better performance, more tolerance and creativity, may help people sustain and maintain new healthy lifestyle by dropping conditioning and dependency on the addicting source and replacing it with healthier, positive and creative new inner resources and joy..

Invite me to give an experiential presentation in your facility:

Avigail Berg-Panitz – the founder and CEO of TheSoudnWell corp

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