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Reduce frustrations and anger with Vibroacoustic Therapy

Hello, whatever background and skills you are equipped with while reading this, I hope your common sense will not argue with the fact, that we are a complex organism of mental, emotional and physical subsystems which interactions nonstop.

There are few concepts you may want to explore in order to get the most of this article:

MIND SYSTEM includes the following subsystems: thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination, dreams and beliefs.

All systems are connected in DYNAMIC SPAGHETTI. Why spaghetti? Because we never know in advance, the delicate interrelation between a specific thought, related to a specific emotion, specific sensation, a memory and a belief.

A MIND-CLOUD is “slice click of perception moment” – that is, what happens in the brain-mind-body process of realizing reality that is generated as result of connections between the input from the senses, retrieval of items from memory, and “painting in real-time”, memory experience, beliefs and imaginative scenarios.

You may have few minutes to digest the above before I continue :)


FA/D Is a concept I've created that describes FRUSTRATIONS which leads to ANGER. Alternatively, Frustrations that lead to Depression.

Frustrations happen when we expect, anticipate, believe and crave for something, yet, get slammed energetically when we find out that reality scenarios, are differs from what we wanted/wished them to be.

In a way it’s like an addicted person that is waiting to get his/her “thing” but eventually, doesn’t get it.

We all have experienced frustrations to a certain degree, at some point in our life. Sometimes we react in anger. In other incidents if there are accumulated frustrations, it may lead to depression.


You know the phrase – “you can’t change others, all you can do, is change yourself /your attitude and maybe this will positively lead a change others”?

This article is aimed to be aware and focus on negative energies in you, and how you can minimize their impact.

Frustrations very often accumulate negative energies. Negative energies such as envy, bitterness, anger, revenge and any way of verbal or physical violence – burn you from within. Psychotherapists would encourage you to “let it out” and not to keep the explosive energies in. You may feel a relief after a good fight, yet it may haunt you later, when you understand the consequences and price you pay for your behavior in social relationship at home and at work.

Frustrations may lead to depression when our self-confidence is questioned and judged by us after we realize that we didn’t grasp the situations were faced, clearly.

My pragmatic solution to break FA/D is a vibroacoustic therapy session.

When one experiences frustration, the incident is encoded in his/her mind clouds. Later, a trigger from external world, such as other people saying /doing or negative environmental situation, that may be associated with the previous experience, raise frustration and later, anger or depression. A similar experience will be retrieve from memory and reinforce this cycle.

Have you Vibroacoustic therapy mat /pillow by your side, breathe deeply and break this cycle. The Mind cloud you are in, will infuse new content of positive sensations and harmony. You will release the stress and tension which is associated in the situation and “aha moments” of awareness content, will be mixed in the mind cloud.

Don’t get me wrong, it will not lead to a situation that you will look for frustrations, to be happy, but as you are aware of the process of the components of mind clouds, next time you face the same situation, you will smile, breathe deeply and go on with your life. Because though you can’t change all around you , you can change your bodymind attitude and the components of the way you perceive reality.


Vibroacoustic system is a mat or a recliner with built in transducers. You stream a single harmonic low sound between 30hz and 120hz.

Lie down on the VATTING platform and feel gentle inner body massage to organs, tissues and cells.

The beauty of Vibroacoustic Therapy is that it reduces mental, physical and emotional stress in parallel. In addition, it boosts vitality and mind clarity. It minimizes the overwhelming streams of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and imagination and enable positive usage of inner energies to be utilized for better performance, love, creativity and wellbeing.

Vibroacoustic therapy is a wellness integrative platform that can be used as self help tool, independent therapy and incorporated with any o any other therapy. It is generic. It help balance and fine tune mental, emotional and physical systems - very much like harmonically attuning a musical instrument.

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