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Vibroacoustic Therapy together with visualization and self-conscious positive imagery, may be effect

As some of you know, may know by now, that Vibroacoustic Therapy is harmonic low sound frequency mat or recliner. You lie on it, stream a single frequency in the range between 30hz-120hz and you experience inner body massage to organs , tissues and cells. Gentle waves hug you from within and bring you into bodymind serenity. At the end of the process you feel deep relaxation together with sharp, and clear mind.

Visualization – is the process of observing with attention an object or a scene. You focus on the whole picture and you are attentive to the details. Then, you visualize them in the mind as they appear in real.

Self -Conscious positive imagery – is a positive scenario you create – in your imagination, which is vivid, inspiring and exciting and can be a valuable content to create a new positive habit and replace a bad one.

Our new wellness paradigm, minimizes the gap between traditional therapy and self help tools.

In our perception a therapist and an individual explore together the challenge /issue /problem that needs to be addressed and together generate new wellness-wellbeing conditions to overcome, ease or eliminate the problem. The individual uses his positive life experience and /or self conscious positive imagery to create the new habit that will replace the bad habit.

Vibroacoustic therapy is used :

1. To reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety – and clear the mind.

2. Create a space in the desktop of the mind to form the new scenario.

3. Encode the new scenario together with deep meditation /self hypnosis / hypnosis

*Research centers using CBT and clinics that treat obesity are welcome to collaborate with our holistic and integrative wellness approach.

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