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4 Senses Chill-OUT Spaces

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

4 Senses Chill-OUT Spaces
4 Senses Chill-OUT Spaces

Dear owners and decision makers,

4Senses Chill-OUT Spaces is a new whole body immersive experience which includes:

- Nature visuals projected on large screens

- Ambient harmonic music which resonates positively with any person - no mater age, gender, religion or culture.

- Aromatherapy of essential oils which created calming atmosphere in the air

- Haptic & Tactile inner body massage with sonic ergonomic Vibroacoustic Therapy equipment - Bean Bags and Recliners.

Creating trust, loyalty and customers' engagement based on inner conditions of wellness and wellbeing is the best way for long lasting commitment and forms a powerful added value to your brand.

We at TheSoundWell together with our partners will customize 4Senses Chill-Out Spaces to your physical space , nature of your activities and budget.

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