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Introducing the Vibroacoustic Therapy – Only your breathe and low sound waves are heard – NO MUSIC

Vibroacoustic Therapy is a science of healing through low sound waves and vibrations. It is the art of harmony of low sound frequencies and the process in which these frequencies are transformed into gentle inner body vibrations as inner body massage to every organ, tissue and cell.

Vibroacoustic Therapy was developed between 1970 and 1990 by Norwegian therapist and educator, Olav Skille and was first applied to children with severe mental and physical handicaps. Since then, innovative methods continuously enhance the capabilities of the healing modality.

Flow of vibration and frequency

Pulsed sounds – this is an event that occurs when two frequencies that are close to each other are blended.

Pulsation variations – occurs when the volume of a particular frequency is changed. It is important to have different amplitude after sometime because too much duration of the latter may cause muscles contractions.

Scanning – specifies the location of the body to be targeted or focused on upon the distribution of the sound frequency.

Directionality – is the flow of the sound frequencies in the body from its source.

Naturally alleviate the negative mind and body symptoms

During the Vibroacoustic therapy – there is a process of minimizing the overwhelmed streams of thoughts, emotions sensations, memories and imagination that nurture stress and negative imaginative scenarios in the mind. The gentle harmonic waves are felt as ticklish tapping of our inner organs.

The outcome of the process is the reduction/elimination of pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost of vitality and mental and physical balance – with no chemicals involved.

The SoundWell Corp. helps harmonize both the mind and body through application of vibroacoustic methods. 23 minutes of inner peace and silence is felt with the gentle vibrations and harmonic pulses that would flow throughout your body, cleansing the mind from overwhelmingly negative and unwanted elements and revitalizes your energy.

Would you want to try out this new healing and relaxing technique? Contact us today!

It can be applied at home, in hospitals, in schools and in businesses. Read more about implementing SilentSoundSpace of Vibroacoustic therapy in all sectors of society.

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