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Hi we represent 10 billion cells in your brain and it’s about time you give us some attention.

We know you are not expert in your biology, but the basics of life resonate with you because you are a living organism very much like us.

The main features we want you to be mindful and attentive to, are that we need oxygen and high quality nutrition to operate in optimal way. In addition, and not less importantly, we need to get rid of waste material.

You know how you feel when you can’t let thing out of your system, right?

1. We need you to sleep high quality sleep for 7-8 hours because while you participate in your dream world, – our internal rinsing mechanism takes place, to remove toxic material.

2. We perceive that if you sing and do walking, running and dancing – that also help, to get rid of toxic material in our bodies. Cells vibrating– help remove toxic material.

3. There are many mineral and vitamins out there. We love Q96 – links below will explain why.

4. We suggest Vibroacoustic Therapy as harmonic inner body massage to every organ, tissue and cell and help reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety – and boost vitality with no chemicals involved.

Here some material for you to read and learn more about us. After all, without us, you cannot perceive reality and as result, will end immediately the game of life – you know: imagine, think, feel, create, love and communicate.

Remember, we are the main processor in your mind-brain and we control Body-Mind. Please don’t take us for granted.

We are flexible and perform impressive plasticity and new networking. Yet, each one of us is very precious. We can re-invent you with the right vision, however we ask you to take care of our basic conditions, please.

Sincerely- Brain Cells communication group.

Sound and vibroacoustic therapy

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