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What is Vibroacoustic Therapy?


Vibroacoustic Therapy is a system which enables a process of inner body - deep tissue massage with harmonic low sound frequencies. 


Vibroacoustic Therapy is composed of pure harmonic low sound frequencies which helps reduce pain, stress,  insomnia & anxiety. In addition, it helps boost vitality, increase life quality, bodymind balance & mind clarity with NO chemicals involved.


Remember the sensation you feel when you wake up after a good quality night sleep? Vibroacoustic therapy acts the same way: it fine tunes, reorganizes and optimizes the usage of vitality. During a 23 minutes session, you feel soothing gentle harmonic low sound waves, rinsing your bodymind from within as inner body massage to organs, tissues and cells. After the session, you feel recharged with energy, calm, with sharp senses, positive, attentive and with tolerance to the people around you.


The Process of sound therapy includes selecting a specific frequency in the range between 30 Hz -120 Hz that is transmitted into a furniture wellness platform ( such as a special mat or a special chair).


The furniture, include transducers (little bass speakers) which convert the frequencies into gentle vibrations  that affect multiple body systems (such as: nervous, skeletal, muscular, circulatory). 


Olav Skille - The inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy, found the correlation between specific frequencies and how it can help reduce stress and relieve anxiety  in different parts of the body. Skille also found that specific frequencies are effective insomnia remedies and natural pain killers that can help  treat people with symptoms. It also help boost vitality and mind clarity.


We are the official representative of Olav Skille in America. Some therapists mix music together with frequencies in their solutions. Please note that this is VAM - Vibroacoustic music and not considered as "pure" VAT as Olav Skille defines it.

What is a Vibroacoustic Therapy System?


A Vibroacoustic Therapy System includes the following components:


1. A Furniture wellness platform such as a mat, recliner, chair,

    massage table, pillow which has transducers built in.  

2. Olav Skille frequency composition solutions.

3. Frequencies files storage device - smart phone, mp3, computer, dvd     player, USB.

4. Amplifiers

5. Training- Online, or seminars or one on one guidlines of usage .


Please visit our shop to learn about our solutions and training


Who can benefit from  Vibroacoustic Therapy ?


Vibroacoustic Therapy may be an independent therapy or incorporated with physical, medical treatment, psychotherapy and alternative therapy. In addition, Vibroacoustic Therapy is a natural energy booster and pain killer that is composed of varieties of frequencies therapy solutions which can be used as a self management tool after training, it is beneficial  to consumers such as people with chronic or special need people, businesses, sport people, students and regular people that want to apply preventive and integrative wellness therapy.



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Learn how vibroacoustic therapy can be incorporated with your your main modality as an effective  tool to reduce pain, stress, insomnia & anxiety, boost vitality & mind clarity. The process is relaxing and it has no chemicals involved, only pure harmonic low sound frequencies.

Do you or your family members have a chronic disease or disability?




Please read more how we can help you increase life quality to you and your family members.


Do you own a business and you want to learn how Vibroacoustic Therapy can increase wellness @ work and in fact enable preventive healthcare approach? Please read more.
Are you a physician, chiropractor, therapist, psycotherapist, physical therapist, coach, teacher, or any other profession which  includes treating  people? Please read more.
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