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Activates  silence, serenity, and dynamic BodyMind balance in you

The SoundWell Vibro-Therapy is the official representative of Olav Skille VibroAcoustic Therapy Solutions from Nordic Countries (Norway /Finland )in America, Providing knowledge, solutions and implementation of the original VibroAcoustic Therapy, pure frequencies and training.

Vibroacousic Therapy Solutions


Reduce Stress

We accumulate mental, emotional and physical stress daily and that is why we need to reduce it daily, otherwise it becomes a chronic stress and elevated other chrocondition. Vibroacoustic Therapy could help..


Reduce Pain

Even a small cut can drain your energy and takes your full attention. Chronic pain decreases life quality.
Vibroacoustic Therapy could help..

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Reduce Insomnia

Even one night of not a good quality of sleep can drain vitality, weakens performance and damage good communication. Vibroacoustic Therapy could help..


Reduce Anxiety

Very often, Body Mind creates a false alert of survival mode out of the blue and as result, the heart can beat faster, breathing is faster and you can not think in a rational way.
Vibroacoustic Therapy could help..

Bed Sound Therapy


We Are A Unique Therapy Provider.


We are a startup based in Boca Raton Florida, applying low sound frequencies from Nordic countries as an integrative wellness platform which provides an effective solutions on how to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and insomnia  as well as boost vitality and mind clarity  in a soothing , gentle and effortless way, with no chemicals involved.

Vibroacoustic Therapy is applied in Nordic countries for over 40 years and our passion / drive / motivation is to let the American people and people around the world, explore and apply it as a personalized, proactive and preventive platform to increase the quality of life of millions of people.


Our Products

"I believe this mat has derailed the inflammation from my lungs. I thought it's really helpful when you feel the attack of bronchitis, after using, it smoothest out and allows a relieving flow of deep breathing in me. It's a blessing."

Deborah Lee



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Latest News And Research

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